People often tell me they’re interested in getting into real estate because they love houses. My first reaction is usually “well, then this may not be the business for you.” To me, real estate is not about houses – it’s about people.

It’s about understanding people and their motivations and how they make decisions. It’s about being comfortable entering into someone’s life during what might be one of the most stressful and/or exciting times they can remember. It’s about being a trusted confidant and someone others can rely on when they need it most. One of my mantras is “I may not always tell you want you want to hear, but I’ll always tell you what you need to hear” and I take that seriously. And it’s about jumping in to a new situation without knowing exactly how it’s going to play out, but feeling confident you can problem solve and guide someone through whatever might happen, knowing how much someone is counting on you.

In the end, unless you have a deep appreciation for the differences in personalities and circumstances, you will not love this business. For me, it’s a meaningful way to engage in people’s lives and that’s what fills my bucket.

I’m reflecting on this now because of what happened in May. It was a record month for me, and a whirlwind at the time, but some distance is helping me to get perspective on it. I was fortunate to be part of 10 different and important stories during a few short weeks, and it was filled with emotional abundance. This is what I was part of:

  • A couple moving up to a bigger home in hopes of growing their family. With busy schedules and a one year old, these guys were rock stars in following all of my advice in warp speed time. They had their eye on their goal and worked their tails off to make it happen. A special part of this story is that my husband performed their wedding a few years ago. Yeah, we’re a full service family.
  • Partners consolidating households – I deeply appreciate the emotions that were involved in selling a home that was emotionally dear to one of the parties, but they were moving to a new part of their relationship and I’m overjoyed for them.
  • A family relocating to KC for a great new job – It doesn’t get a lot more exciting and stressful than a new job in a new city, but this family did it with focus and grace, even though it meant being apart from each other for awhile as they started a new chapter. I know this was especially hard to do when the speed of the market means that sometimes you have to drop everything and drive to KC on an hours notice to see a home.
  • A young, engaged couple buying first home – I remember being at that stage of life, and I loved seeing their excitement and the smiles on their faces every time we were together. Plus, this couple was extra special to me because they were referred to me by his mom – and it turns out the groom-to-be is a cousin I didn’t even know I had.
  • A young professional relocating out of town for a new job. This young man listened carefully to everything I had to say and was incredibly mature in his approach to decision making. My oldest son is just starting out in the business world, so I was sensitive to the situation and felt very connected to his mom, who referred me to him.
  • Empty nesters ready to downsize – This lovely couple were leaving the home where they raised their kids and built 17 years of memories, and I know it wasn’t easy for them. But they had a vision of what their next chapter would look like, kept their eye on what was important to them and stayed focused. Their commitment to getting to the end goal was inspiring to me, and what had been a long-term community relationship (serving on a board together) turned into a friendship I value.
  • An engaged couple buying first home together – This special couple has been part of my life for awhile and are like family to me. His dream was to have a view of water from the home, and we never dreamed we’d find what we did with their new home actually sitting on a lake. Their home is perfect for their extended family and I can envision all the laughter and love that will fill this home.

In May, I closed 10 homes with 10 different co-op agents for 7 different families. This is what I chose to do, what I love, and why I feel fortunate to be a realtor. Thanks to all my special clients for letting me be a part of their journeys and (because nobody does this kind of work in a vacuum) thanks also to my supporters who continue to refer their friends and family to me, agent counterparts, lender and inspector partners, and others who helped me navigate such an epic month.